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If you want to hire a kayak for an hour or two just pop in to the shop and speak to one of the team. We will kit you out with everything you’ll need from buoyancy aids to walkie talkies so you can talk to the kayak crew in the shop should you need to.


We want you to have fun while out on the water, so to ensure you get the most out of the experience we’ve put together a short video for you to watch. It will show you everything you need to know so you can hit the water with confidence. You’ll be given a tablet and a set of headphones and a quiet corner to watch it.


If you are using one of our wetsuits then you can use our changing cubicle to get changed in. A deposit will be required in the form of passport, phone or keys. ID will will be required,  either a passport, cash/credit card or utility bill will be fine. You’ll then be given you the key to your kayak and the number of the rack that it’s stored and you're good to go!